Water damaged battery

Hi guys,

i have a 10S5P LG battery pack which got wet. After drying it thoroughly it turned on and is discharging without any problem, when recharging, the charger turns green but the battery meter shows only 75%. Also the range is reduced by that much. I can not see any visible damage corrosion or burn marks. How can i troubleshoot and get to the bottom of the problem?

Thanks for your time, looking forward to getting some help.

The balance lead by the bms.

Remove it from the bms, and use a multimeter to measure each series group.

You should also unwrap the pack to actually ensure there are no burns.

One of your series connections was probably shorted and that group likely has a low charge. If you know how to measure IR of the cells check them against other series groups. If not that series group is better off replaced if you don’t know the IR.

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similar issue to me…one day was fine…the next it would only read 36v and not charge… bms had corrosion…all cells were actually fine under the nickel except 1… replaced the 1 cell since it was a fairly new pack and back to business…

Thanks for your reply,

i ripped everything open and saw that in the inside of the pack some corrosion at the nickel strips is going on, so no nickel at all. This battery was my first noob purchase from diy-eboards the cells are pretty bad as well, LG MF1. Luckily i was able to get my second board, which was run over by a car, running again yesterday! I will disassemble the battery completely and use it for spot welding practice.

Thanks for your time, i really appreciate your help!