Water proofing?

I looked for any topics about water proofing, but not much was to be found.

What measures of water proofing should one take if they wish to ride on splashing wet roads (but not actually raining)?

I read somewhere that motors don’t have any issues with water, but I would love for someone with more knowledge to clarify this one. ?

Has anyone though about mudflaps?

My housing is so fat (when riding, it sits about an inch off the ground) that it absorbs most debrie on the bottom, and thus, my custom charger ports which are wide open on the upper side, never get splashed by the water and thus have been find thus far.

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I wrap any wires in electrical tape to help prevent puncture damage and this does aid in water proofing some. At the end of the day getting something water tight is a very long uphill battle. Trying to get something water resistant, however, is very easy. This is something that it sounds like you have done already.

One might consider heat shrinking the phase wires connectiong from ESC to motor if they are exposed to the elements. In your specific case it sounds like a little piece of rubber over that charging port is one of the few things left to do still. Think of what they do to cover the mic/speaker ports on a walkie talkie and try to replicate that perchance?

If we can get someone to scientifically confirm that the motors wouldnt have a problem all that would be left to do is get @chaka to take one of his ollinboards outside in the rain/sleet/snow. Since his boards encase everything but the motor inside the board itself… i think that would be a perfect way to test lolololol

I’m pretty sure you mean @chaka with his Ollinboard

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Not sure what you are talking about… i didnt associate @longhairedboy to ollinboard co… nor did I just drink whiskey with my manager…

Nnnnnnooooooo that would be drunk and silly of me.

But srsly thanks for correcting me, and sorry for that yall lol

just some thoughts…

what i have done is run the phase wires inside the deck, used ESCs that don’t need ventilation, and sealed the box with a gasket of some kind. In the past i’ve even used hot glue with good success to fill in the cracks between the box and the deck. Its the same as using a silicone caulk but without the ridiculous wait time. Hot glue all the gaps around any switches, charge ports or volt meters too.

You can splash all day with probably most quality motors. Enertion has their motors coated in some sort of water proofing material, but i think most motors are fine being splashed in. I’m using NTM PropDrives right now on my 6S and they can take a puddle just fine.

Keeping all your connections taped or heat shrinked will go a long way as well should any water eventually get inside the box.

If you’re using a single box design and want to seal it but are using water/dust proof car ESCs with fans, my advice is to partition the box in such a way as to seal the battery and switch electronics away from the car ESCs and do some ventilating in the ESC partition of the box. You’ll want to heat shrink your phase and power wires for sure in this case. Get creative with the vents, it can add to your aesthetic.

if you look up RC car waterproofing, basically all of those techniques can be applied to eboards aswell.

yea that is true but look up Jang’s video on how to clean a “waterproof rc” water proofing rc methods can be applied to bigger ideas but I would just keep my stuff dry.

I feel like you just shouldnt ride in wet conditions just because you could fall in a muddy puddle and end up looking like shit with a eboard that looks worse


This video https://youtu.be/s4z8QMgTEA4 shows waterproofing using corosion x. Looks pretty convincing.

haha flight test is the best- seems like something @longhairedboy would do if he went into the rc airplane hobby instead of discovering eboards.

making cinder blocks and microwaves fly are just some of the stupid projects they do…

ok, small rant over: and yes, corrosion x is used on basically all their models, so they definitely stand by the recommendation. My only concern would be how well it would handle all the heat and vibrations from eboards that you don’t see as much of in airplanes and quadcopters…


My setup I ride in the rain and it doesn’t get too wet. I just don’t go into puddles if there’s one going up a curb I pick it up and go to the area with less water. Works great though. I’m glad it makes it up a 18-22% incline in the rain! lol

Someone needs to make some slick tires that are good in the rain lol.

Sounds like someone just gave some inspiration for another crazy build idea. At the very least another thread to discuss this lol

On another note… why didnt I google and include this video in my first response… how do i embedd youtube vids on this forum…

I have some that I think would work but i have no way of powering them as of yet. Good year street luge tires.

some 83mm all weather good year tires on alloy rims would be amazing. lol

I have some of the xt slicks, same as the good year and they are slick as shit in the rain…

Well there goes that idea, lol. They must be smooth as hell though.

there’s these sorts of wet weather wheels. among others.


Yeah, but they’re super heavy too

Back in high school we always welcomed the rain for the mere fact it made things slick. Burnouts became so easy that even my buddys 78 chevy truck could get the tires to break loose.

Sounds to me like a dual rear drive in the rain would make for some pretty great slides. Maybe even the first ever longobard doughnut? lol

hmm… now I want to try to do donuts, lol.

@lowGuido I love the idea behind those wheels, but there’s a cost to it. Less surface area for the torque to be applied to and once the grooves wear down, its no different then other wheels.

I will try them at some point though on a build. Thanks for the links.

I was thinking about buying some more cheap wheels and cutting my own tread into them. Might be helpful on those semisnowy days :smile:

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