Waterproof charging ports

Hi guys. I’m almost finished my build, but I still need to order some insignificant parts. One of them is waterproof charging port (M+F). So maybe you can share which port you are using now?

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10X Waterproof 5.5 x2.1mm DC Socket Power Jack Plug Female Mount Connector Best

$1.89 + $0.10 Shipping


Yes, but I need male also

you need a male waterproof jack? do you want to charge in the rain or what?


Noo. I need male connector for this http://www.ebay.com/itm/252665612641

How about you go and search for it? It is a standard 5.5mm jack.

I know, but I don’t want to order wrong male jack.

Ok. I have already found it. Thank you

Pretty sure xt60 is waterproof, if you did it on the charger as well, you could do that as well.

I’m looking for a waterproof jack like this as well. I’ve currently got one of these but the issue is that the rubber cap sometimes falls out while I’m riding which makes me think I could potentially short the charging circuit if the rubber cap fell out and I rode through a puddle… Has anyone seen similar sockets but with screw on covers?

I’ve found these but they’re not quite what I’m after, the screw on component of this one is only designed to make the socket waterproof when it’s actually plugged in…

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I used these connectors
A bit bulky, but waterproof? :heavy_check_mark:

Back from the crypt, found these and ordered a couple. Rated for 25A and not too big


Aha. Here’s those seven pin off board balance plugs someone showed w no link yet.

How have these held up? I’m looking for a connector exactly like this

work A-ok and a gazillion times better then those pokey laptop ports the kidz be using

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Are you using it for 10 or 12s? How many amps are you pushing, and does it get noticeably warm?

12s / 5A charger, not a problem

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