Waterproof sealed 6374 190kv in EU?

looking for a waterproof sealer 6374 190kv motor in Europe.

eskating.eu has exactly this. 190KV 6374 sealed and waterproof. Am looking at the 6355 version for a build I’m planning.


out stock atm but back in stock early November thanks sent them an email. they also don’t stock the 3mm key for the keyway

What about heat? Where does it go, dont know if these motors heat more than open ones if dont im buying one

I have this exact motor. 100% recommend. They have keyway as well I think. Or use threadlok it works fine

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doesnt say if theyr waterproof though? @DavidBanner

@stormboard1 they are not waterproof

are you looking for water-resistant or water-proof water resistant means you can ride through puddles water proof means you can ride on the bottom of a lake


water resistant grec. @DavidBanner are they water resistant i mean

brushless motors are naturally water resistant. just make sure to wipe off the outer case (thing that spins) once your done riding through water

edit: spaced out, it’s called the can


cool so a sealed motor like @DavidBanner ones would be best against dirt etc.

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yes. go on, place the order… you know you wanna :wink:


oooh that rhymed grec in the place tonight yes aiii

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What is the difference between:



The eskating.eu one seems to be rated at a much higher wattage for example…why? @DavidBanner

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It’s a different motor.

If you check the specs on eskating.eu: “PLEASE NOTE: This 6354 Motors are longer than normal so just use 9mm width belts and pulleys to let them fit perfectly (dual drive systems)”

Maybe they are using longer stators, hence the need for a larger can? Possibly it’s actually a 6365 sized motor?

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