Waterproof the deck

Got myself a new deck, an Earthwing NLS 37. It happens I drive in the rain and it has shown signs of that in my current cheap deck like small cracks. Since this new board isnt cheap I want it to last and keep its looks.

Have any of you waterproofed your deck? How did you do it?

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You could use a water repellant spray-on, like Rustoleom. .


There’s a guy in my town that water proofs docks, I just happened to be talking to him the other day and asked him that very question. He said to mix up some really thin epoxy coating and brush it on with a sponge brush. I haven’t done it, just what I heard.

I heard to never use a sponge brush with clear coat as it will leave little bubbles in it.

Won’t the bubbles evaporate out if epoxy?

I use this wipe on Polyurethane. you just rub it on with a rag. It works really well, drys with a hard, smooth and shinny finish. You would probably have to lightly prep the stained part if you plan on coating the whole board. 00 or 000 steel wool works great for that. I use 0000 steel wool for finish smoothing of the final coat. It does a great job of polishing the urethane without scratching or dulling the finish. I like the gloss finish version. There is also a satin finish version.