Waterproofing for those wet days

There’s already a few discussions about waterproofing our boards. Now I would like to know how to waterproof the riders.

I’ve started using my board as my main means of transportation. It becomes a hassle though when weather forecasts say it’s going to rain. Board is doing well in wet conditions, but the rider not so much - wet and covered in mud especially when using an AT setup. Not good when you’re just starting your day in the office.

So to those who has also made eskate their main means of transp, what gears, clothing items, equipment do you use to keep yourselves as dry and as clean as you can when you’re riding in wet conditions?

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I’ve only been doing esk8 for a year now. But I’ve been commuting on my bike or skateboard for eight years prior in the pnw (we get a bit of rain lol) 365 days a year.

Getting yourself completely waterproof without destroying Mobility is hard .

Pack extra clothes, or wear so many layers you turn into a little sauna and end up wet from sweating anyways.

It pretty much just comes down to finding clothes you’re comfortable being wet in… something that blocks windchill makes a big difference.

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What I do is wear nylon cloths ontop of my normal clothes and seal my feet in plastic bags/duct tape. It doesn’t last long but itll get you a few miles before youre soaked

If it’s really pissing down I will bring a spare set of clothes and plan to get 100% wet on the way.

Something like a ski jacket can keep the top half dry and not be to much hassle though.

I had to ride my board today in the rain( which I don’t usually do) and i literally put my board in a garbage bag and cut out holes for the wheels. It actually worked surprisingly well! Looks ugly but works!

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i do bike delivery in nyc occasionally, rainy/snowy days are the best $$ days…staying dry is crucial or youll want to quit quick… you can get a used pair of rain pants or a jacket off ebay for cheap, and fairly light and packable… just search for a Columbia Rain jacket/pants shoes on the other hand…

I have these boots for cold weather (not full winter conditions)… will use during summer if its a real storm, otherwise a rain galosh would be proper… or on amazon you can find these shoe covers that zip up which are kinda cool for short bursts to and fro.

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I think the real move is to get wet the way nature intended and put on dry clothes at the end of the trip

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The best way is to get a large metal cover for your skateboard

But then it would be unbalance so get a larger wider deck!

And to make it is easier to turn get a wheel that when you turn it the wheel turns the trucks for you and then get rid of the remote for a pedal on the floor add a couple of seats and you have a … waterproof skateboard :red_car::oncoming_automobile::trolleybus::taxi::racing_car:

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Skateboards can get wet, and they can destroy your skateboard. That is why you have to act cautiously during the winter or rainy season. If you are not cautious with what you are doing, your skateboard is at risk, and also you. You can get injured when you try to skate in the rain.