Ways to achieve variable gearing (variable transmission). Any ideas?

Someone could try… although have you seen those 100W buck converters? These things are huge… (are used for driving 100w led chips)… not sure how big converter would look like for 1000w of power… if you find anything, through it here… [for fun]

Someone made a 2 speed chain transmission on his e-scooter:

I think this guy is quite smart… he’s only like 15yrs old or something.

Though, as can be seen in the video, the chain is relatively long… would probably still be cumbersome to mount it on an emtb… (also the thing that chain has to be positioned a little bit sideways is not that great.

Hi there!; I have thought so long in all that issue you are talking about… and I thing I have “the answer”; but still haven’t tried it: “poket bike cvt gear box” :wink: