We dont have a "standards" guide for our community

I know I have seen mods inform people on how to name their board build threads multiple times, and thats when I first thought of this. I also try and embed youtube videos, but the embed code from youtube doesn’t seem to work so im def doing something wrong.

I think it might be advantageous to have a thread that sets out some of these “standards” of ways to post certain things.

IE build post titles, embed youtube videos, the ease of uploading files

Most of it is pretty self explanatory, but i would def enjoy figuring out how yall keep embedding these youtube videos :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s a great idea!

I think it’d be best to add to the “start here” thread that is pinned at the top.

EDIT, of course I told you to do the wrong thing…

just use the normal link from youtube, paste it on the forum, and it will “auto embed” after you hit return

of course I didnt try the one thing that would work. Darned modern websites

Yeah I have tried to use the embed code for instagram on the forum, and it didn’t really work, but when you just paste the standard link the forum embeds it for you. how convenient.

most of the time its the easiest thing that works.

solved @Sharkface :wink:

aaawwwww yeahhhh i even get quoted and stuff!!! I are so special lol

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Haha you’re the one who came up with the idea, so you might aswell be the example!

Thanks man appreciate it! lol