Wear on carbon fiber decks

For those who have had carbon fiber decks for a while (especially the enertion deck), how do they wear? I’m thinking of getting a carbon fiber deck with a kick tail and was wondering if the tail would wear out any more or less than a wood board. My wooden deck tail is pretty worn after 2 yrs of riding. Also, is there a health risk with the composite dust that would be generated?

I was thinking I should just get one of those old school tail skids to protect the deck.

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Yep, go get the bumper guard. There are plenty cheap diy to make guard, such as using rubber hose cut into half and hot glued.

I don’t have one but I wouldn’t slide the tail on the ground without protection. I was going to use “ultra high molecular weight polyethylene” (slippery plastic) on the carbon deck I was making (that project is on hold). A lot of downhill longboarders use that for hand slider pucks. Should last a while and be good protection. You can pick all kinds of sizes up on Amazon.

I have bought a complete raptor and it comes incl. tail guard. I’m riding mine since the release (maybe six-eight weeks) hard and it got some scratches. Nothing major and the quality seem to be very good. Only downside is the loud noise of a cf deck on rough street.

Just been riding my Raptor a week, but so far it’s surprisingly tough. Accidentally full throttled the board into a brick wall from 3-4 feet away while grabbing cash at an atm (note to self: turn off remote before fumbling through pockets). I was prepared for a sizable dent, but only damage was a small scratch on nose.

As Tarzan mentioned, it will be a bit louder than traditional board. I added thin weather striping around enclosure lid and under space cell and that reduced the noise quite a bit.

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The biggest risk of damage is to the nose &/or tail, as mentioned above I already include tail guard to protect the road-side from slides, but if in future I get an alarming amount of complaints (zero so far) from people damaging the nose I might include some kind of ugly thingy to protect it… since the question has been raised maybe i will just do it anyway.

The cool thing is you can actually do repair jobs fairly easily. This video explains the steps fairly concisely.