Wearable airbag hip protector

I found this rather interesting automated airbag hip protector, its designed for ‘the elderly’ BUT if I was wearing this during my recent fall I would have zero hip pain today.


I wish someone would take one for the team and bail with one of these on to see what happens, and whether they will go off prematurely with the normal G forces of esk8ing

that would be my worry, I suspect it would be fairly easy to modify to a manual trigger or even a cord type device that triggers when you actually leave the board - I really hope the likes of TSG make something like this for sk8ing

I used to ride horses and something similar was available to prevent back injury. I never saw one in action but I imagine there are videos on YouTube.

There’s a few motorcycle jackets that implement a similar airbag system.

Oh, and the Hovding ‘helmet’.:joy:

The catch with these systems is that you probably need to do quite a lot of testing and calibration for each purpose. There’d need to be a lot of demand before I see anyone investing in it… unless there’s a simple way of determining if it should deploy or not :woman_shrugging:.


simple wire based would do it for me, I think this neck one would work for esk8 as is

and I’m quite intrigued by this new vest thingy again wire trigger

Lol airbag? Really? Just get these. I broke my Ilium(hip crest) from top of the arch to my femur 10 years ago,. I crash with these pads all the time…and I’m completely fine. There’s no need for any arbag system lol

Hillbilly Impact Shorts https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001CSX2S6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_LmHvAb37RM195


Can vouch for Hillbilly.

Good stuff.

Single use airbags seem like overkill for electric skateboarding.

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the same company makes something for motorcycle riders too. i would much prefer a button on the handheld controller to prevent false positive or delays. there is a demo video at CES where the thing deploy AFTER you hit the ground, no good.

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I have an airbag jacket for my motorbike and it is very efficient. But it would not work on a board as you need a minimum tension to activate the system and the board would be too light for that.

Truth is there is a wide open opportunity for a company to step in and supply casual and inconspicuous safety gear. Under clothes breathable body armor so you can wear your favorite shirt and not look like a kook.

this is what I’m looking for, I feel the more ‘aggressive’ I look the more attention I attract this is the jacket I wear on speed runs, I wear a baggy MTB jersey over it - instantly tones things down

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There are Kevlar motorcycle shirts available, might be good for abrasion protection. There are also casual looking hoodies and jackets with low profile padding in them as well. Not tried any out yet but I’m looking into it after cracking some ribs.


very cool! and prices are much less than expected, I’m going to try a kevlar shirt and jacket combo

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I ordered one of these… because I want everyone to taste the rainbow when I fly by.


Well that’s still premium price, 300$ for a shirt ? Come on. What about leather jacket with protections under it.

Draggin have been making Kevlar lined stuff for years…

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decided since I’m already in the habit of wearing baselayers I’m going to invest in some kevlar ones - I’m looking for prot that I can mix and match as much as possible