Website that sells appearance defective parts

Hi, I remember a few months ago, someone posted a website that sells wheels/boards/parts that are visually “blemished” but structurally sound. I looked through my browser history for anything of the sort and through google, but cant didn’t anything. Maybe someone can post a reply about it.

Defective is a pretty harsh word. Try searching for blemished or something like scratch and dent

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That was for loaded boards if I remember correctly.

Thats it, I somehow managed to overlook that in my google searches. Thanks.


I thought they are new? just blemished as said before.

Was just trying to find a better word for blemished, I think not aesthetically perfect works too :stuck_out_tongue:

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That works :slight_smile:

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For real who cares about a scratch or two. They all end up like this anyway.

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