Weird startup Vesc? braking issue

After tuning my throttle curves the acceleration is smooth and feels like the curve I set. However, when I first start my board the braking will be more powerful (regardless of battery charge), almost as if the throttle curve adjustment isnt taking place.

After a while of riding/accelerating the braking seems to then change to ‘fit the curve’ and be more like the acceleration curve.

Would be interested to see if other people have this problem or if it is an ongoing issue.

Relevant details:

  • 2x Enertion Vescs HW4.12 FW3.57
  • Enertion nano
  • FOC

What % did you set the acceleration and braking curve tp?

30% (natural not polynomial but that doesnt really change the curve much), Im thinking its either ppm signal interference or weird thing in the VESC…