Weird throttle behaviour

So board has been going well for a few days now but today a strange thing happened. Full throttle on the remote (nano-x) and the power to the wheels sort of chopps in and out.

I connected the VESC tool via usb and turned the real time data on. What I can see is the throttle on the esc tool (grey bar) behaving as I would expect but the “from ESC” bar (green/red) is behaving as im experiancing with the motors chopping in and out etc.

Dual Foc box connected via can Nano - x Metr bluetooth on slave

Does anyone have any ideas?

Well I found my spare Nano X and it works. Looks like that Nano is fooked - a total of 10 miles on the board and remote - opened the nano case up and the battery is about to blow.

THANKS ENERTION! :heart_eyes:

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Probably low battery voltage

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Also Enertion replaced my puffy battery remote. Contact support

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It was charged last night mate, did less than a mile on it today

I will contact Enertion though

That looks like a warranty to me

I have messaged them, I hope they can repair it

They just ship a new one. You probably won’t have to return that one. (My experience)