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Welcome to Electric Skateboard Builders Forum

Building your own electric skateboard is an art form, it requires a range of different skills that not everyone naturally possess. This forum is the place where electric skateboard builders unite to learn & teach the skills required to build your own eboard at home.

The Ethos of this community is about education & sharing, working together to ensure anyone who wants to build an electric skateboard receives the knowledge they need to succeed. is a community for e-skateboard riders, hackers, engineers, designers, artists & innovators where you can freely share knowledge amongst the tribe for the betterment of the global DIY electric skateboard industry and the emerging community as a whole.


Hi everyone, my name is Ollie, I am planning on building a One Wheel board of my own.
If you don’t know what that is here’s a link

    But my plan is to build with what I have seen people use for electric skateboards and make my own one wheel board with them.
    Let me know your thoughts.

hi, i cant open a topic here it says (you are not permitted …)


You are not supposed to create one.
You need to reach trust level one to create Topics.
The requirement for Trust Level one is min. 30 minutes read time.


Hi, my name is Cat and I’m doing some research to build a lightweight, mini-cruiser, electric board… I’ll post pics and details of my build once I reach trust level one!