Welded vs clamped motor mounts

What do you guys think? Which has superior holding power,
What lasts longer? How about price ?
Those of you who clamp, do they come loose or move and vibrate with/without thread lock.

I personally use welded trucks and it works fine but I have to get them welded and they’re expensive and time consuming.

I looked for an existing thread but I didn’t see any I hope this isn’t repetitive


Obviously, because welded mounts are permanent theyre going to be considered more solid…but, I know first hand that mine don’t move once they are set unless you need to move them for a different wheel size or model. Also, if you want to change your belt width its a benefit to have a clamp mount. Nice to have options.


I have welded all my mounts.
while I like the idea of clamping you kinda limit your truck selection to caliber or other squareish trucks.

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I have TQB’s clamp. I also have really fucked up paris trucks and they can still clamp on the completely round part. However, the alignment is shit if its on an uneven part of the truck and I need to grind the trucks so torque boards clamp can fit. I personally like my clap mount and recommend it for versatility and permanent clamping ability with lock tight.
PS you can use clamps for non square trucks.

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On caliber trucks, or any truck without a tapering hanger, bolt on motor mounts are just fine: They won’t slide down since the whole truck it the same width, and they will always be straight for the same reason.

Once you start mounting clamp on mounts to tapering trucks (i.e. paris, etc.) I think it becomes more problematic.

I currently have two enertion mounts on caliber trucks, and love them. one is the older v1 (all aluminum), and the other is the new CF one.

I also now have a welded mount on bear trucks (an example of one with a tapering hanger) so I will be trying those out as well.

For now though, I have to admit that I have been using clamp style motor mounts for all my boards until just a week ago when I got the welded motor mount.


I’ve always wondered how you guys get the welded mounts to align perfectly with the axle ?
Do you use a jig ? Post pics if you have 'em !

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I used a wooden jig one time… it caught fire pretty good.


do paris trucks have a taper? I dont notice one on them and DIY sells a clamp for paris.

haha id like to see that

not even joking…

seriously though. It’snot as if I wasn’t fully aware of what was going to happen… I just needed a quick and dirty jig.


to be honest, i dont have a clue what im doing when i line it up and it always comes out perfect… i guess i just have a good eye! these are some super old mounts a made and mounted on my boards. in this pic they were pretty rough still


The 195 Paris trucks have a slight taper. See my build thread for how I took care of it - Loaded Dervish.

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What mounts do you use?

His own mounts. There’s a link to his store in his profile.

Oh I’m thinking about ordering two of those

The ones I make…Do you read the forum? :wink:

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yea just didn’t see that in this thread and I don’t keep track of individuals do you have them available
I know they’re on your store just making sure they available before I order. Are you in the us?

They will get packed up immediately and shipped the next day!

I just messaged you on pm

If durability and stability are not an issue…Then totally bolt mounts!! With a double motor setup, you can do up a bunch of different configurations to see what works best. You can try single motor/ rear, Single motor/front, Dual diagonal, dual rear, and even Dual front wheel drive! Don’t know if half of those would amount to squat, but YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!! Sweet…