Well, I am going cyclops. Lighting

I got the koowheels set, and it is real anemic.

So, I am getting a 1500lm triple led 2 18650s bicycle light. I will do some fancy presto chango on the mounting. In the rear, it simply was not enough light. And, my motors block a dual setup some. So, I am going center smart tailight. ROCKBROS Q5 SMART TAIL LIGHT - Bing video

This is worlds lighter than a set of shredlights. To actually see and be seen. And it has brakelights.

Xanes xl29 light 18650mah battery usb motorcycle e-bike bike bicycle cycling flashlight Sale - Banggood.com

I will have to do whatever, to mount.

Shredlights are 200 per side. Against 1500. And a broader pattern. Even the shredlights in rear, are a small light source, the central tailight, is about four times bigger. And does some obnoxious shit. With stoplights.

I hope my mount turns out to be easy. What I intend is, almost all of it goes away if you take the light off. Might try to do the same in the rear. OR possibly, leave the taillight on full time, as it goes off all day, and only comes on at night, with it shaking constantly. As soon as you stop for 15 seconds I think, it shuts off.

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Just a heads up this is a knock off of an already cheap and solid light called an xlite100