Went from unsensored to sensored motors and now it's way less powerful

Hey guys!

I’ve got dual Torque Board’s 6355’s, Focbox Unity and a 12S4P battery.

I just sensored my 6355’s and I noticed that I have way less power. I use to use 58 amps and it felt plenty fast and now at that it’s just lethargic. What’s going on?

I tried bumping it up to 70 amps and once I get going it’s decent but off the line it’s so slow, it’s ridiculous. Also I’m running 60 battery amps, -10 on regen and -60 for motor amps. Also I’m confused on how to know what the maxes can be for my battery and motors?

Thanks so much!


Motor specs:https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv
To calculate your max battery discharge we need a bit more information. :slight_smile:


Are you runing hybrid mode? That’s the setting you need to select


I’m just using whatever the stock setting of the unity is.

Are you saying that’s just the way sensored FOC feels?

Yeah I had the same issue lol, try 80a,

Unsensored raptor hubs can throw me off my board at foc but sensored can not…

I set it at 70a already lol…i don’t understand whats going on to make it need so much more juice.

That’s so strange! Almost makes me want to run unsensored. On the plus side everything and feels really smooth.

Correct me if im wrong, but one of the main advantages of sensorsed mode is to provide rpm data allowing the esc to apply power more gently under load.

Sensored mode is most useful for starting from a stop – or starting if you’re rolling backwards. Once the motors are turning, it makes little difference.


Did you noticed a difference in old and new Unity firmware? Somehow I feel like the latest firmware isn’t as torquey as the old firmware, but haven’t looked into the acceleration curves.

I’ve also noticed this on my new build. Running Foc sensored with dual 6374 and my previous build was bldc uncensored dual 6355. The old build felt more like a wild beast compared to the new one.


Try lowering the sensored RPM. The speed estimator on the VESC kinda sucks tbh, sensors are only useful if the motor cannot synchronize to open loop commutation, which normally happens with hill starts and high inertia loads.

Nope never noticed a difference. Literally just after installing the sensors.

That’s not been my experience so far. I had Carl Collins help me with my remote disconnect issues and one of the things we did was the test erpm in the unity app. Maybe that could have done something?

Yeah once I get past 10-15mph I really feel the power kick in, but Durning startup it’s not fun, might set my unsensored erpm to 500

My two unitys is actually getting delivered today :rofl:

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Let us know if it’s a improvement :slight_smile:

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Yeah too bad I have no battery packs that are working… And my next build is 13s10p so can’t test it on that…

you better go ballistic with safety materials… thats alot of lithium to go up in flames o.O


get a better soldering iron :rofl::wink:

the focbox bullet’s that you soldered was cold

i finally got around to undersolder the bullets.