We're High efficiency dual BLDC hub motors

The epoxy coating is so uneven around the magnet that it affects the balance.We are directly magneto-plated epoxy resin.

The black magnet is an electroplated epoxy.And the enameled wire on the stator, we will drop the insulation again.


can you try to rephrase this. not sure what you mean.

By the way it’s worded it sounds cool but it’s confusing trying to understand what is actually special here

The epoxy resin is wrapped around the magnet in this way, it is uneven and will affect the balance.

We are magneto-plated epoxy resin.


Does that mean that there are metallic particles in the resin so it evenly spreads around?

I didn’t know motors could type posts on a forum. How do they do that without fingers?

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Is this simply an anti-corrosion coating? Or is it intended to be a structural member to lock the magnet in position?

I cannot understand how a thin layer of epoxy is going to help to reinforce or strengthen the magnet & rotor assembly.

The primary objective of the additional Epoxy is to make the motor more resistance to “heavy impact shocks” that might normally cause a magnet to pop-off.

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this just is simply an anti-corrosion coating. Because skateboards can be used in wet or complicated situations.The epoxy resin is used to prevent corrosion.By the way, what are your customized requirements and quantities?

The whole point of adding epoxy to motors, or “battle hardening” as we like to refer to it, is to prevent magnets being knocked loose. I don’t think most people have had problems with corrosion in their motors, while it may be a good idea it’s not really a solution to the problem being tackled with the epoxy in the first place


I’ve had some very minor corrosion, but that pales compared to the major problem of magnets detaching from the can (often after being hit by stones or curbs) and sliding around on it, banging into each other, and making terrible noises and causing HFI to no longer work.