What 10s esc to use

Starting my new build only thing im short of is 10s esc what do u think i should use im in ireland so most usa company s wont send to here 2s 6600 x5 10 bms Sk3 192kv

What about Vesc? It should fit perfectly with this motor and Battery

What one and best one to buy and from who

Vesc is a Speed controller made for Esk8 (If you don’t know), Ireland is close do England, so buy at Alien Power System

I know what they are but the best one thats not made of crap i dont like getting stuck far from home i only have half a heart so having to carry a board a long way will kill me.so i dont mind paying a little bit more for quality

It have good quality and is the best for this purpose

the 2 they do are on back order,

IMO Ollin boards has the best quality vesc though I am not sure if they ship outside of the US, I would send a message on his site asking.



you come from Germany? order here: www.esk8.de

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I’m Brazilian, a bit far away from Germany, just a little

esk8.de : expensive but good quality and customer service.