What 3D printers do you use?

Says it all up there ^^^ -> what 3d printers are being used by folks to do stuff? And how much are they being used?

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These two topics should help you. Personally, I don’t print myself. Much more experianced people at 3DHub. I just take care of the drawing.

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A Delta type Rep-Rap, based on this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:318745 (Mini Kossel VSlot) with a different extruder (bowden, E3D v6).

I will have it me again soon because I moved in a bigger flat, yay. The last photo I have of it was a bit unfortunate lol, at least that “room” was soundproof and fumes-proof (even if I print mostly PLA) because it had an extractor ^^.

The Delta/Kossel model it’s a bit tricky as first printer, as first one maybe I recommend something simpler like the Prusa or a Wallace/Printrbot-based or a Bukito3D which is pretty advanced even if it’s tiny. But a Delta type it’s totally worth it because it can print at high speed and the printing head can be very light (just the extruder), so if you’re willing to spend a bit more time for understanding the calibration it’s totally worth it.

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I have one based on Prusa i3. I am going to print my enclosure, controller shell, and riser wedges for my new build.

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Original Prusa i3, great kit printer that continues to exceed my expectations. I also backed XMacinhes on kickstarter, and will be receiving my ‘Lorei’ (odd name) by Christmas (I hope)

Have you printed parts with it yet?

not esk8 parts yet, I would like to try a 40 or more teeth HDT pulley for flywheels and maybe to do a simple casing to protect the VESC and the BMS

UP MINI great little printer very reliable (set and forget) litterly

lemme know when you do :wink:

and would you guys use these printers to print parts?

my Dad was in plastics for 30 years - am going to see if he’s game to try stuff…

mostly wheel pulleys, remote enclosures, battery/esc enclosures… things like these…

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cool, lemme know when you do!

I don’t use mine much for esk8 parts, but I know ppl that have used their printers to make motor mounts and such (even though I find making a plastic motor mount EXTREAMLY dangerous) I personally have a PB Metal Plus Dual, PB LC v2, Kossel Mini, LittleRP (not a good part printer, just for resin models), and also an X Carve for CNC work.

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might as well check in here, i guess. i use a heavily modified mini kossel although i’m almost done buying parts to upgrade its size to a 250mm diameter 270mm high build volume. Looking into setting up an enclosure and setting up a heated enclosure system using one of those cheap personal ceramic heaters off amazon.

endgoal is to be able to print functional parts out of nylon (specifically taulmann bridge), that stuff is frighteningly strong and with thick enough parts, i bet it could make really good motor mounts + pulleys with strength and wear resistance comparable to machined aluminum, at least for eskate applications

Lulzbot TAZ6 and Lulzbot TAZ Mini, both great printers and amazing workhorse. Our TAZ6 printed almost nonstop for 9 months, being fed prototyping stuff constantly. I highly recommend the TAZ6 if you’re looking for an open source and capable printer.

I was planning on buying a Wanhao Duplicator i3 at some point in the future. It seems like a good deal for the specs and has good reviews. Anyone heard anything about them or know of any alternatives in the >500$ price range?

I use a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus. Awesome printer and epic build volume. Would definitely recommend. I bought mine from ultimate 3d print store. Takes 15-20 minutes to setup

i’d highly recommend saving up a little more and getting a prusa i3 mk2. it’s $700 but prints like a $2000 machine, and its made by the man/myth/legend john prusa himself

2 ultimaker 2’sUploading…

Ordered an Ender 3 and some upgrades and filament.

Got everything in today but the printer it self and the glass bed I ordered. 20190330_162937

I was going to use the regular red PLA to test and print random stuff and I got Polymaker Polymax filament for printing usable pulleys, I know Polymax is very strong but not sure how it will handle the friction of a belt constantly turning it. What material do you guys print pulleys from? I want to do Nylon or Nylon-X printed pulleys but I’d need to mod my ender 3 alot more to be able to do that.