What a crappy ride 😵😱

I went to the Park for a relaxing, nice and supercool ride with my new build. 100 m later I see the front left wheel dragging something weird. It looked like a smashed banana all covered by dirt. I removed it with my foot and I found out it was the visiting card of a dog. Well… It’s my Lucky day. I smiled and resumed course. 200 m later the front right wheel had another. That time it was not funny anymore. I resumed course again and 10 minutes later I started smelling something really nasty. The rear wheel with another turd. The singer Adele came to my mind with the song “Rolling on the shit” I decided to go back home and cleaned thoroughly my wheels. I guess everyone can ride over a turd every now and then but three times in a row is just too much. My crappiest ride ever.




Probably goose shit not dog shit

Pretty shitty day huh

You didn’t happen to go riding in a dog park, did you? Lol.

I have to deal with horse shit.

Beat that.


A pigeon did it on me once. I almost crash :fearful:

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