What a good vesc

What vesc can I use?

Ok thanks bro

There are a lot of quality differences between vendors so search the forum for a particular vendor that could interest you

Thanks for the heads up will do

seriously dude use the search function

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New to this

my order of preference:

VESC Six - $$$$ from Trampa only right now

VESC 4.12 variants: Ollin Board Co - both regular and Direct Fet - $$$ Enertion FOCBOX - $$ Axle 4.12 - $$ DIYes - $

Maytech - i’d avoid.

You forget ESK8 Controller 1.1 with direct Fet and ESK8 4.12 Controller

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True. If you are in EU - a great option! I’ve not tried any of the direct fet versions, but have heard great things about esk8.de. Not sure how price compares with the others i mentioned.

Our price was from 119.-€ ( 4.12 PCB only) 149.-€ 4.12 completely and the new ESK8 1.1 Controller was 199.-€ Not the cheapest but a good alternate to V6. Nowind was testing the ESK8 1.1 Controller since two weeks in Dual systems and FOC and he hasn´t burning it :joy:

stay away from ebay for your own health sir!!!

Is it me or there is no VESC on Ollin website??? No search button either???

Don’t think ollin or even axle are doing escs now