What AMPs Would/Could I Pull With This Setup?

1 x 230kv Turnigy SK3 2 x 3s 11.1v 5000mah

The reason I ask is because I’d like to know the min. AMP rated ESC I could use. I have an 80A rated ESC and a 120A rated boat ESC, but with the latter the brakes are abysmal!

More info is needed, such as gearing and wheel type/dia etc. Are you using the LiPo’s in series to make a 25.2v 5000mah pack or are you using them in parallel to make an 11.1v 10000mah pack?


OK, thanks for your reply.

So my board is chain driven, then pinion has 10 teeth and the sprocket has 30 teeth (diameter 59.8mm). The wheels are 100mm scooter wheels. Battery is in series, 22.2v 5000mah

Well, the short answer is both your proposed ESC’s should cope (IMO) I’ve done some actual current measurements on my set up (which is similarish) and on hard, level ground at half throttle (15kmh) I’m pulling around 4A-5A. When accelerating gently, it rarely goes over 25A. If you stall the motor for several seconds or try chugging up a difficult hill, anything could happen. Hopefully your ESC’s have some technology to be able to save them selves under these conditions.


Hmm I doubt they do, they’re just cheapys. Saving up to get me a VESC! In the mean-time I still want to ride my board without having to worry about whether I’m going to die because I can’t brake! lol.

I think I’ll just try the lower rated one with better brakes, if I blow it I blow it.


Yup, as long as you’re relatively gentle with it, I think it’ll be fine.


You are running a setup that is the same power as mine but geared lower by 2mph, so you will pull less Amps. I pull 90ish Max (measured) You will be fine with a 120A Esc for sure, as that’s what I use ( FVT 120A waterproof esc). Prob ok with the boat esc but then I’ve not tried a boat esc.

That’s the one that has abysmal brakes though, I’m looking to use the 80A one which has great brakes… maybe I’ll just take it real easy and always push off… :confused:

Brakes are great. Who told you they are anysmal? They work well on my board. The only oddity is they do nothing once you are down to literally stepping off speed, which doesn’t matter.

I ride mine all the time.

I mean my Hobbyking boat ESC one… Terrible brakes…

Ahh! I see :slight_smile:

Hey, the on/off button on your ESC, can you use it as in/off for everything? Main battery included?

You can, but I don’t. I don’t like to risk it. At the end of the day some power is still going to the circuitry when it’s off. I use the anti spark AT90 from battery to ESC.

Yeah, I have the anti-spark too but was wondering If I could do away with it… OK cheers.

Hi man! I was asking which esc you’re talking about? Can you send me a link of the 80A esc? I have had the 120A boat esc but the brakes are so random… Now I’m going to use the 120A FVT car esc which seems to be better.