What are my choices for a FullFace Helmet?

Hey guys I was looking for a FullFace Helmet. My reasons for getting a FullFace are:

  1. Ear and Chin Protection- If I fall on my face or side my ears wont get spaghettified and my chin wont get knocked up.

  2. Wind and Bugs Barrier- As many of of probably have experienced the casual fly or bug that hits your eye or glasses I want to prevent that also during the cold days and such I wont be freezing to death.

Thats about it I know the TSG, and RuRoc are pretty popular among downhill riders since they are quality I am wondering what else is out there for me to consider?

I have also took into consideration buying a dirt biking helmet and googles but they are kinda a last resort if nothing else shows up thanks :slight_smile:

The TSG are good quality and very reasonably priced compared to other brands. I believe skate helmets are lighter than motorcycle helmets

Honestly … You can use various snowboard helmets… Better vision… And less mass as you turn your head … Yeah no face protection but it’s a give and take

Demon Podium Full Face Helmet


San Francisco has so much great stuff thrown out or on the side of the road and my last helmet was a kid’s size extra large. Saved me from a head injury at 28mph and still looks as good as the day I pulled it from the dumpster.
Feel a need for a full face though and just got this

Cool enough looking at 100$ but buying based on just a 6 inch pic on my screen and lots of good reviews like so many other helmets and we will see

jensonusa Pricepoint Nashbar Cheap bike stores online

Bell has a nice helmet on that site that is modeled on boba vet from Starwars and u can match it with ur avatar.

Last time I did this online helmet buying I returned it as soon as I tried it and was happy to have my 200$ back and be cozy in my free helmet.
if u don’t wear good eye protection I’d look into a shield or some good glasses

A few threads on this already, tsg pass and predator dh6 are up there. Note that tint visor doesn’t come with dh6, only an orange and a clear one does.

Here’s me with my dh6. It’s a bit long ish where the chin is. Another advantage of full face for me is that I can side mount gopro with good audio (you can see that on my other videos on YouTube).

That looks like the EXACT same helmet as the Demon Podium, but with a different visor and graphics. I love mine and that’s a great price for that helmet. Obviously @Randyc1 is a fan too.

@Photorph I think this is a better video lol full gear…

My fav part is when you’re explaining yourself in the bathroom…bathroom can be dangerous too lol


Yea just a bit too much though for esk8, I never wear that anymore. I mainly got that for a racing motorcycle. But I do wear it when I go 30+. Will be worn again when I do max speed runs on the dual high kV carvon hubs on 12s with 97mm wheels. With a long flat stretch I’m hoping to get some numbers that no one else is crazy enough to match.

No I totally agree with you choosing to wear that if you plan 30+ … Full suit should be required at those speeds…since skin don’t seem to work well at those speeds.

I’m going to return my second fullface helmet because I feel unsafe with such a big thing wrapped around my head! Distracting, heavy, and blocks sounds. Sticking with the half shell

Don’t worry, I’m upgrading my battery to 12s today with my dual carvons to make a high speed run, just need the place to do it, haha.

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Does Evolve and Ruroc have like a deal with each other? Seems like every Evolve rider wears a Ruroc. Also can a Ruroc helmet built for snowboarding handle the same impact as a TSG Pass? I’ve never snowboarded so I have no idea.

Any recommendations on CERTIFIED (not full face, regular half face) helmets?

I have a triple 8 brainsaver and it’s good. It does look kinda big but it doesn’t feel heavy.

Is it certified, does it have the certifications?

It states that it’s dual certified