What are some things you love about the Raptor?

I am pretty much 100% set on buying a Raptor Dual, and am very excited to do so. I would just like to create a topic where you could post all of your fun experiences/things you love about the Raptor, or any E-Board.

Get your order in for batch 2. It will be greatly improved again.

Yes I am most likely going to if not defiantly batch 3. I can’t wait!

The board is just cool. Major street cred compared to other complete Eboards at the moment. Endless carving. The 45km/hr in 3secs get everyone I tell freaking out. Its a weapon. Safety gear first required. Youll have to be patient if your in batch 3. I know Onloop is working hard on his current orders to ensure they go out rock solid. Where are you located?

don’t buy yet, big sale on dual raptor coming before end of the month.

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OK thank you very much for letting me know. I will buy it then.

I’m in the US, Richmond, VA



Is there a way these are going under the radar since they have more power than legally allowed for compete boards?

How long should it last?

Waiting for winter to be over. Batch 1 still the best. Got to love that carbon fibre. It will be a collectors item.

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Does that red light activate when you brake or is it on all the time? Was it hard to install?

Stays on, but can switch it without interfering with remote signal. Once I worked out how I was going to install it it wasnt that hard. See light thread for more pics

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When you stand on the tail does the light physically touch the ground?

No… That light was meant to fit there. Just the right distance to avoid ground.

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Would be awesome if the remote had left/right buttons that activate the left/right flowing light animation to indicate which direction you’re about to turn…

Working on how to fix the light remote onto steeve for just that ability.

Where can I buy your carbon fiber wheel pulley setup?

While I admire it’s engineering simplicity I’m not a fan of this plastic slot-in variety, it seems to come ever-so-slightly loose and I find myself pushing it back in occasionally. Not by much at all but enough to cause a visible wobble when carefully watching it’s start-up. Got a tiny pebble lodged under the belt (between belt and wheel pulley) last week and it pulled the pulley out the wheel a bit, which is when I first noticed this wobble thing. I’d like my wheel/pulley to be really solid as if one, and I think your carbon fiber setup is ideal!

Not sure how it come loose enough for a pebble to lodge in. Check to make sure your axel nut is tight enough to retain your wheel so it has no side to side play. Maybe now you need to pull it apart and clean out debris that may have become loged between the pulley and the wheel.

the little pebble got lodged in the wheel pulley teeth, well technically between two teeth, under the belt, if that makes more sense… we’re talking really small, like a BB