What are the largest motors in dual set-up that can fit on a trampa?

I suppose it depends on the motor mount but I would think there is a pretty similar distance between most motor mounts with thickness being the varying factor? since you want the pulleys to be aligned is why that is true? < this is my observation I can possibly be wrong, but given that anyone have a clue what the largest motor possible is? or largest motor anyone has seen on one.

Generally anything above 80100 size I would consider over kill of overkill, but you can fit two.

Esc amp max is the limiting factor not motor size, but I believe there is room for 100mm length cans

63100 and 80100 work on maxi Trampa hangers with ATB 3DServisas drives, @Kug3lis has ran that

Think also Etoxx will do it too(edit not so sure, maybe chain only), but would need to check

MBS hangers are shorter but Etoxx makes extensions, can’t tell you on that either

Forgot about that, very true don’t know what I was thinking at the time. Wish it was the motors that was the limiting factor