What axle bolt is this and help with seized surfrodz?

Can anyone tell me what bolt this is? One of these is seized into my surfrodz trucks and I am gonna need to replace the hanger and also this bolt. It is 10cm length.

Also does anyone have any advice as to how get out the seized axle? Threads seem to be crossed up on the inside.


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have you ever taken it out before?

Do you know if it has any thread locker?

You should try heating it up with a torch,. thet will melt the threat locker & you should be able to get it out easily.

no idea what that thread is, but my best guess, is that it is a 5/16 imperial thread on maybe 8mm or 10mm axle?

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The total length of the entire axle is 10cm exactly. I dont see that listed on the surfrodz website so I am trying to figure out where to order this.

I have these axles fitted into these surfrodz hangers.

The threads are marred up inside, I can feel this, thus necessitated me replacing the parts. What I dont know is how I will get the axle out.

heat the alum hanger, use an impact wrench on the steel axle.

Do you know where to order an axle like that?

I am needing one that is 10cm length

did you email them?

It’s a shoulder bolt and McMaster-Carr might have them