What battery is best to use for Trampa Monster Box?

So guys I finally decided to buy a mountain board. I bought this one with 154KV motors.

I am a 170lb rider. I wanted a good combination of top speed and raw power so I chose 154KV. Good choice?

Also wanted some advice on what batteries are best to use. It seems that these are recommended by Trampa and they are out of stock.

Is there a battery builder on the forum who can help me out or can someone point me to where I can purchase the batteries?

@topcloud Can you advise please? @Riako


Preety sure 4, 6s 12000mah battery’s can fit for the biggest capacity.


In my opinion, this is the best battery you can put into the 2019 based on a multitude of factors including not being indirectly responsible for the great Northern California Wildfire of 2020:

777Wh pack, built by @thisguyhere

and here is why:


image image image image

Joe does exemplary work, very highly recommended.

Modestly speaking, we could get just about any lipo in the world I suppose, yet I am selecting a second 12S6P battery from Joe for my Colab deck / Trampa everything else / 9" MegaStar on chains build.

Hope this helps my brother :slight_smile:


Is that the largest pack that can fit in this box? @taz has used a 12S7P and says it can even fit a 12S8P.

@thisguyhere Sending you a PM!


I too am in the same boat. I’m thinking about 2x 22ah packs for my trampa. I’d be interested in this pack above if the price is right and I can get it soon.

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I am selling my 2X 22ah HRB packs if you’re interested.

How many charge cycles? Puff? How much?

What did you go with?

I think it has about 30 full charge cycles on it. I’m asking for $250. I’ve taken it on street and off road.

What pack did you end up using?