What belt length do you want for 15MM Pulley Kits?

Hi Guys,

I have the next batch of 15mm Pulley Kits coming soon. Previously I was including one 255 and one 265 belt. What length would you like to see included in the kits?

  • 255
  • 260
  • 265
  • 270
  • 275

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It depends alot on the gearing. I run 15/40 and I need 280 on tourqueboards v4 mounts.

I run 20/40 on 260. but the biggest thing that impacts belt length is an ajustable motor mount, it gives you some play room.

I’m running 255 and find that a bare minimum for my current 16/36 83mm setup. So I would suggest 265 and 280 (for longer motor mounts or perhaps setups including idler).

You should get 12mm wide kit as well though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. So looks like I should get rid of the 255. 265 appears to be a keep. Now it just whether the next size should be 275 or 280.

I can’t edit the poll now, but post here if you want 280.

DIY has 12mm so that’s why I’ve stayed away from that space. Also 15mm is just SOOO much better :slight_smile:

But for dual drives, and diy is expensive af and Thats were you Come in :slight_smile:

Idler pulley version?