What belt? Which wheel?

So I just chopped up some spare parts I had laying around to make two different sets of wheels for my same board. I have a 265mm belt and it works for my 15t/36t, but it is now too short for my 30t pulley. I have a 36t that also fits the off road wheel, but I want to attempt to test my top speed and possibly my safety equipment… My 265mm belt (14mm wide) is 3/4 in. too short, or I counted the amount of teeth it could take off to be 4,5, or 6. Which wheel should I test my top speed with, I feel like the soft wheel would be safer than my street wheel. The wheels are 110mm, 97mm for abec clone. I have 149kv motor, 12s battery, ollin vesc on its way as I type. The 30t will bring me to a higher to speed obviously, I would need a proper belt and I understand that with vehicles when you get mud terrain wheels with a large gapped tread base, the higher the speed the less noticeable the bumps become. But countering the speed the teeth give me, the soft compound and tread on my skateboard wheels will also take speed. Who can help please?

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Chopped off some of the tread didn’t touch the structure of the plastic, and placed a 3d printed orangutan wheel on it backwards to ensure proper balance and shaved off the side that usually enters the orangutan wheel so it’s flat on both sides, specifically to create a ‘safety’ ledge for the belt.

Got it figured out, it was 20mm too long and needed four teeth out, but I’m running custom tensioners so can’t really compare to prefabricated diy kits. Hah