What brand board is this?

Hey all. I just got into the esk8 and am loving it. Makes some short commutes to the store so much easier than walking or taking out the bikes. I bought this board but it has no brand and was wondering if anyone knew what it was. Have only been riding it for a week, but so far its awesome. Power and braking are incredible. Seems pretty water tight and board quality is good. I want to open it up and see whats inside, but like I said I havent found much of anything on this board and I would hate to ruin it in the first week of ownership. Any help appreciated.

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looks like a modified benchwheel (wheels, deck, motors)

Looks like a diy using the benchwheel power kit

BTW looks so pretty! where do you get it?

I really like the handle of this board. Makes it a lot easier to lock it up somewhere!

Got it on ebay. This seller has been very responsive. The only complaint I had was they charged me express shipping from China yet it shipped from Monterey Park, CA. Still equaled out though at around 620 bucks shipped. The seller deals a lot with motors, and these motors seem pretty high quality.


I might add, I weigh 195lbs without gear and this thing goes 18 mph no problem up a slight hill. Up a big hill it goes about 10-14 depending on grade, Plenty of power to get me up no problem. I have to try and test distance on it. I went about a day and a half without charging it and was still at half battery when I plugged it in. WIll have to test out distance on it though to see what it is. I saw them on Alibaba but not much else. Thinking about buying a few of these and selling them local if I can get them cheap enough.

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Ride it till it breaks then make a decision to buy more

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I found the same board with single and dual motors http://www.gearlab.us/electric-board.html

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Nice. Looks like thats a pre order only. I was talking to the manufacturer from China. It seems like theres only one Factory thats making these. I think its a very nice design. Hope it holds up well for a while also.

so nice. I was talking to the manufacturer from China,thats pre order can buy it. will ship from China. Pre-sale discount 100$.

this is the manufacturer. They are very responsive and much cheaper than what I got it for.


So I have been riding this to work now for the past week. 5 miles one way with hills. Gets me to work with no problems whatsoever. Up the hills about 10-14 MPH which is awesome. I even beat a guy cycling up the hill. he looked at me all weird. I had an issue with the battery cover, I over torqued it and with the flex of the board I cracked it at the bolts. I contacted the manufacturer, and they took care of me right away. Are sending me a new box and another charger for pretty much just the shipping cost of 38 bucks. I think I will buy a couple more of these to sell and to have a backup when one is discharged. For the price, its seems to me being a newbie, (I have been into RC though so can tell quality of parts) that the quality is good from the motors to the belts, and the LG battery. I still need to open the electronics cover and see whats inside there. Will post more pics as I do.

Ok. so here is a pic of the electronics. Looks like an ardruino board. Have any of you built something with this?

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but would you mind giving us an update on this board? It appears that I’m too new to send PMs. Thinking of picking this up as my first board since the current price for the dual seems to be a steal.

Do you still have it? Any major problems from it?