What brand of wheels do you want on your eboard?

The key part of building your own electric skateboard is user choice, so if you could have any wheel brand on your electric skateboard what would it be?

My favorite wheels are the Kegels. 80mm, perfect durometer, and pulley mount holes in the hubs.

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Yeah, I have a set of of Orangatang Kegels sitting on my bench!

They feel really nice in the hand, I think I’ll eventually have to make a wheel pulley that is compatible. At the moment I am running 90mm Flywheels! I am super happy with them, they eat up rocks & cracks like a $2 crack whore!

I’m currently running 83mm 81a Flywheels but i’m thinking about finding a softer wheel. I’m happy with the size, but i think i’d like to find something in a 75a. I have a set of These Whites 75mm 75a on my push board and the ride is actually a little smoother on those when the road gets rough, despite their smaller size. Problem with These wheels though is there’s no way to mount a pulley without a drill press.

I’d also like to try out some of those Kegals, as well as some Seismic Speed Vents.

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I’ve tried pretty much all of the current wheels in sizes functional to our builds. I’d have to say the speedvents were my biggest disappointment…I loved how smooth they rolled over mixed surfaces, but they chipped and fell apart. I have another set that has about 50 mile on them and the same thing is happening. The kegels are a good ride and roll much nicer than the flywheels and have some decent durability.

The kegels are awesome. Can’t wait to use Kegels.

I’ve been using 90mm Flywheel Clones which work great and are much better than the 83mm option.

Thanks for the tip on the SpeedVent’s. Guess I won’t bother with those guys.

Yeah, Too bad about the speedvents. I really liked how they roll. Not sure how they broke a speed record with them though the way they blow up.

Has anyone had issues tearing up their rear wheels? When I look at my rear wheels vs my front ones the rears have many cracks and general roughness on them. The simple answer is this has been caused by the atypical torque subjected to the skateboard wheels which they were never designed to handle . They have not come apart yet or had any pieces come off but I continue to keep a close eye on them. They are just an off brand ebay 83mm wheel bought for $29 as a first set to keep the initial build cost down. Have people bought the nicer wheels available and experienced the same thing?

I’ve seen that on the cheap wheels. I have never seen that on something like abec 11 flywheels.

There is a crazy difference in urethane quality.

Yup! With the exception of 85a speedvents, you do unfortunately get what you pay for…

Definitely Kegels. I usually use the 83mm flywheel knock-offs, though. Mostly cause they’re cheap. :grin:

if you happen to have some photos of the old speedvents and the fault should post them up.

Are there other brands with similar or compatible hubs to kegels and flywheels ? Have tried both, running 90mm flywheels atm.