What can I do with my brokedown Raptor 2

I recently purchased a raptor 2 second hand for $350. I understood that it had some type of issue with motor noise. I got really lucky yesterday when i was coming to a stop and it decided to go full throttle and crash into a curb bending the front axle. The lucky part is i was not on it. I did not realize they had all the issues ive read about. So I was thinking what can I do to make this thing safe and as fun nas it should have been if it had been done right by enertion. Im really not sure what this particular boards problem is. My thoughts are to take swap the hub motors and trucks for my caliber 2s and just put a motor pulley kit on it. I probably need to go thru the list of known issues and check if i have any of them as well. I am new to building anything electronic and i have a ton to learn so please be nice. Im aware of the animosity surrounding anything relating to Enertion but im not here for that.


You still have the raptor? What’s up. Talk to me. Send me a sign. Lemme know your alive.


One of the cool mods I’ve seen is to switch out the hub motors for Torqueboards direct drive. Super simple and it looks really neat

You can also swap out the remote pretty easily. If the battery is fine, then you should have a working board again.


Or if fucking @onloop would make some motor mounts for the front truck people like me who have extras could make them belt drives. My raptor hubs are now direct awds. So I have 2 front trucks just sitting lonely.

The man doesn’t have any design or engineering experience. I don’t think he is even capable of drawing up a mount design on a napkin

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I don’t think you have to have a piece of paper to be intelligent. I mean bill gates and I have the same medicine degree. Just saying. Forgive and let it go, we’re all here for one reason. Skate. Some have had some unfortunate events, but they owned it. You move on. You grow and learn. If you don’t then you are right. But what do I know, I’m not a doctor, but I think I am. :call_me_hand:

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Said nothing about a piece of paper. Said he lacks the experience to make good designs. I’m with you, a piece of paper doesn’t mean much, there are those with a degree that are uslesss in the job. And people without a degree that are amazing designers. Either way, to get good at something you put the time in.


No you didn’t, my apologies. However to have actual engineering experience, I’m pretty sure you would need the paper. Anyway, I gotta get back to work I will argue my point later. :kissing_heart:

It is painful how true this is, especially when you see it firsthand