What can I do with these Boosted drive wheels?

Just got these: http://imgur.com/a/yT1IQ

I’m building my own DIY board, and only have wheels and a remote left to buy, was wondering if these could be used? I see they have the custom drilled ‘thing’ in the middle, can these be used with Enertion mounts and pulley? Or will I have to adjust them, or are they just simply not useful for a DIY build?

Does boosted use a 15mm belt? They look bigger than a 12mm. If so its gonna be a bit difficult finding a motor gear and belts. And you’re limited to using caliber trucks for clamp on.

Yeah, it definitely looks a lot bigger than some. These are probably not that useful here haha. If there isn’t a solution, might just have to sell or not use them ever.

I’m currently using these wheels on a build. The Boosted wheels use a 15mm belt on a HTD 3M pulley. I’m using TB V3 mounts , TKP trucks, Ebay motor pulley, SK3 6354 260, TB 12s esc, battery undecided (leaning towards making my own).

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What deck is that? looks really nice

Looks like the Jet Potato.