What causes my motor to jerk when manually pushing backwards?

Notice the horrible sound in the video above. It is a Trampa Spur Gear Drive.

After taking off both wheels and manually spinning the gears, it appears that the sound is not coming from the gear, but rather from a single motor (the motor on the right). Also, the sound in the motor was much worse when manually spinning the gear backwards as opposed to forwards.

I’m not quite sure if it is related, but I had a recent crash which popped off the spring on that the side of the board. After fixing the spring, I examined the board for other damage, and I noticed this. Not sure if the problem pre-existed the crash and perhaps I didn’t notice it.

I’m afraid to ride the board until I manage to figure out this problem. I definitely don’t want to cause any unnecessary damage.

Here is a new video of the problematic motor. I begin by spinning it forward, followed by reverse.

I would suggest contacting Trampa directly. My guess is that one of the sensors is loose in a way that it hits from 1 direction only (if you know what i mean)

Yep same i asked a question via email took almost 2 weeks to get something back and the answer was at max 2 sentence with 2-3 “bro” mixed in lmfao

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