What Charger and battery to buy

I have recently bought a used e-skateboard entry level. Its my first one along with a scooter i bought and a e bike.

The skateboard was purchased used and did not have a charger. I bought, which i understand, was a charger that was too high amps and too low voltage. After charging the wheels did spin for a few seconds with no resistance.

Im told the volts may have been too low and the amps )3 or 4 amps) this may have triggered something to stop the charge process.

Also, as I understand, since it must not have been charged in a long time, its possible the battery is so low that it couldnt be changed (keep in mind inwas using low volts (24 and high amps)

The battery is a 25 volts and asks for a slightly higher charge voltage as you will see in the picture.

I want to keep the project cheap. Either way i have to way a charger since its missing. Ihave already puchased 3 e vehicules and will probably buy a few more. A cheap unoversal charger that i can change the amps and volts would be great, but there are none in store.

What charger do i buy? Should i get a low charger to trickle charge. Do i buy batteries or try to revive the existing batteries.

Buying new batteries, a low charger, and normal charger would not make sense on such a Cheap set up. But if that’s the way to go than that is what i would do.

Also, can i add a battery to this board to extend the range, or could that damage the chips. Ofcource I would have to find a way to hold the battery (unless there is some newer technology that has more power for the same place

Whats your battery voltage at now?

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