What could be my range can I trust calculators?

I have used this calc and I do not believe it, its just too much for this, check out the results

Battery: 3x of these 190 or 213 version whatever is cheaper

The speed and the range seems great, now i just need someone to confirm if this data is something to expect from this build, also ollin vesc should go well with this combination?

You will have a 9s1p config. The data in the picture is about a 9s3p config, so the data is not what you will get with your battery.

what webpage is that?

Like that i get just 12.5km, thats sad

Is there some kind of way to add more in parallel without taking apart the packs, since id prefer to buy the battery and not have to make my own welder and battery also if one of the cells die i will have to disassemble everything and check each cell