What deck are you using?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to change my deck. I’ve currently got a db freeride 38" deck which is fine but I feel like my stance is too wide for the deck. My friend just got an Evolve Carbon GT and the width of that seems pretty good to me.

I want something of a similar length with a wider wheelbase. Just wondering what everyone else is using?

Cheers, Daniel

One of the most popular deck choices is the Landyachtz Evo, I have a couple of them. My favorite deck is the Red Ember Bludgeon by @treenutter. You can find many examples here.


If a Hummie deck comes available that might work for you.

I was formerly using a Sector 9 Faultline which was a really nice and stable deck but stiff and heavy. For my WIP build I’m using this guy: https://www.skateshred.com/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/canadian-maple-wood-drop-through-blank-deck.html

@treenutter 44" bludgen is my next deck purchase that thing looks awesome I wonder if it can handle my weight.

Right now I use an Evo and a Arbor Drop through deck for my 2 current builds

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The thing with these red ember boards are that they seem to have a rather large drop which I’m not a massive fan of. What’s the benefit of having the larger drop?

Also, they’re from America and I’m in the UK which sucks :frowning_face:

So? …I’m from América and most decks I wish come from Europe; my next build (hopefully $$) should be based on one just like this…


…I say, go for It, and the heck if you live in Pluto.

I am rocking a Red Ember Bludgeon, a Lacroix on thane, a Landyatchz Dinghy (really my bambinos), and soon an Ollin DIY Deck that I want to do something special with… well and I have a Jet Killshot and a DB Longboards Longbow I am building out now.

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Was there a preorder list or gb for the ollin decks? Those looked real interesting

I am just planning on getting one. I have talking with them for a while.


I’m building a boosted clone, I’m 6’2", should I go with the 38" or 42" vanguard?

I do hope I can muster the cash for it. it looks very sleek for an integrated deck

I’d go with 42 plus wider wheel base generally gives more stability as well. better to overshoot the length than under I think but that might just be me


Two of my favorites are

Powell Peralta Lance Mountain Future Primitive Reissue powell-peralta-lance-mountain-future-primitive-skateboard-deck-bones-brigade-lime-green-%5B2%5D-15463-p


Powell Peralta Mike McGill Skull and Snake Bones Brigade Reissue thumb_87483_Powell-Peralta-Bones-Brigade-Series-10-deck-Mike-Mcgill

The shortboard style with a HUGE tail but with a super-wide nose means it’s pretty stable at higher speeds and super-nimble in tight places


you know whats funny, my cousin found this old sector 9 short board in her gararge that is almost an exact replica of my boosted mini

Left to right: Customs 42" drop through/down 36" Genesis Hellfire 36" Rio Canadian Bacon