What decks do you all have?

Looking for some inspiration on decks right now, and wanted to see what you all have.

Please use the search function before you create a new thread! There are already plenty of information about different decks. I just searched for “deck” and found to got threads for you:



I did search for other posts, I just wanted to see what people have done with certain decks in their own build, I saw the first post in my search, but didn’t see the second. Either way I’d still like to see what people have done in their builds :slight_smile:

Edit: I’d like to see what others have, but if any mods find this spam or anything, remove it.

http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/no-words-just-pictures-delete-words-use-pm/ http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/griptape-inspiration-pictures-thread/ http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/enclosure-inspiration-thread/

More inspiration

I like the general shapes of these, not sure how I feel about the cut outs in the board though.


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@Airmacx, I find google image search to be a helpful source of inspiration. How about these search terms:

“exotic design skateboard deck” “marquetry skateboard” (my favourite) “aluminium skate deck” “carbon fibre skate deck”

And any other search terms which may tickle your fancy…

More so looking for just the shape of the deck, but marquetry looks really nice.

There are a few other threads on this already. I have a jet spud and globe geminon.

Really want to use Jet spud, but the wheelbase is too small to fit my enclosure and motor and stuff.

I always make my own… I sell some of them and make customs as well

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Before finding the Jet, I almost went with a neversummer board (like the reaper), they have some pretty cool stuff

try the potato 33", same shape, a bit longer! also a 35/36" version…

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Yeah the 35 looks good, maybe the 36 will be better have to check the 36. My enclosure is 22 inches long and I need maybe 4 or 5 inches for the motor and stuff so looking to get 27-28 inch wheelbase. Thanks for the suggestion.

That 3rd to last one looks like it’s got some flex? Yea?

Use the Longhairedboy Scarlet or the Enertion carbon fiber deck:D


I really want a LHB one but pretty sure the shipping costs more than the deck itself plus usd conversions.

Not looking to spend that much on a deck either I regards to the enertion deck, and I don’t really like the shape.

What country are you in? Longhairedboy is in Florida.