What did I do wrong with Torqueboards Pulley Abec Core

So I can only get 3 bolts in, other than getting out a drill and taking down those plastic nubs in the core I don’t see how I can get the remaining 3. Am I just doing something wrong?

Is it even worth getting all 6 in? I’m tempted to just call it good with 3.

Kinda disappointing, why make a special pulley for an abec core if it requires drilling.

Only run three on mine. As long as you have it tightened all around, you should be fine. 100mm


That’s odd… I was accidentally sent kegel core once (not from TB) Have you hit up TB yet?

Nah, my assumption is that these pulley mounts are just like that. Maybe they’re made for the 85mm and those are different? I dunno. I’ll try their live chat tomorrow though

Have you tried rotating the pulley to the next spot?

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Every abec core ive used is the same 85, 90,97 and 107mm. I doubt it’s “these pullys are just like that” A lot of members here use them and it’s the first ive seen this issue.

Sure did, when I do it that way it’s even worse. The other hole lines up with the post

I’m hoping one of them chimes in then, I’ll be sure to repost any solution I get, in case it comes up for someone else again

That sounds like me trying to install marc88 kegel core pully onto a abec wheel. Close but not right.

Pm is best but @torqueboards always seems ready to help

Make sure you install each pair of bolts on either side of a spoke.



Hmm, sadly I have it this way already

I had to use a 6mm drill just to make sure the bolts could go in straight. Had the same issue. It’s quick and easy. The material you remove with the drill is minimal. 20181202_172242


I used 3 bolts when using TB wheel pulley for Abec wheels

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If you want wheel pulleys with tight tolerances, I have some for abec core and 12mm belts on my website. Soon I will have for 15mm belts also for abec and kegels.

I didt want to destroy perfectly fine abecs just to fit a pulley, more than happy with


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For that price you can get another set of wheels… The drilling you do is barely visible on the wheel core.

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I think you get what you pay for, at least these types fit and do not wobble, which is a dealbraker for me.

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My pulleys don’t wobble. Sure it requires some time to get it right by tightening the screws in the right order but it’s not a hard task.

I’m just trying to help, I encountered this issue and this is how I solved it :slight_smile:


@Brendan We only use 3 bolts for the ABEC11 Wheels.