What do we need?

The Esc’s worked out great and are just a matter of being scaled up…

I am trying to look into a new project that is less of a niche (although I do plan on buying a tormach 440 for custom work in the future). But what do we need? I am talking simple parts nothing crazy like like pulleys where people have to modify their hangars etc. Basically what would you love to see readily available for cheap(money not quality). @Hummie Has a fantastic deck coming soon of which I hope to have a few I can resell. TB 218mm Trucks are priced very well so we’re not doing trucks. I will soon be stocking my 6374 170Kv Motors at a higher quantity and a lower price hopefully. I will also add 6355 170KV Motors, and as Vesc 6 hardware becomes more popular I will transition to 190KV. Also I am consulting with factories for motor pulleys with keys for my motors. If anything finds enough supporters we can groupbuy things if not but I think the Idea is great I will finance the acquisition and stock them in my soon to be shop.


Aren’t there 75mm or higher diameter motors people have tried? I am rally curious if you can get them. :yum:

That gear grive :smiley:

Esk8’s at a nice niche where what most people want are features that are easy to find and use. Hardware wise , I guess anti sparks need improvements ? Don’t know how BMS are but jarring from Scepterr recent findings that’s not a dire issue that needs and all stop solution.

My guess would be actual good looking , good working lights ? Shreadlights are’nt worth the buy for the power, and lights are really a DIY that can be made into “this fits” product.

There’s stuff I want to create such as washer plates for the EBoosted vanguard like Boosted has for their Encolsures.

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Gear drive kits (rather than belt drive or hub motors) would be awesome. I recently bought one of nowind’s gear drive systems for the mountainboard I’m currently building but having a similar, scaled down option would be awesome for use on standard longboards.

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I hope that jtags bms makes those obsolete. I can do anything mechanical but a sparkswitch is not my expertise.

Working on it but I’ll need my CnC first.

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Mounts like what @longhairedboy uses but compatible with 6374 motors.

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If anyone could redesign the circuit around these I think that would solve the power switch issues. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Infineon-Technologies/IPB017N10N5LFATMA1?qs=sGAEpiMZZMshyDBzk1%2FWi%2FD7Em5shE8qj1K38rLLtsJpOdIHdglpaA%3D%3D I assume that Voltage spikes fry our current ones and with more headroom they would last? I am no good at Electronics but what about a reverse Bias Diode to catch the inductive spikes? (I am sure there is a reason I just done understand yet)

Thats easy. I am assuming for TB 218 trucks?

Yes, I have a set of them and the mounts don’t seem to align straight even though I’m using a clamp style mount instead of grub screws. Support beam should solve this. Being a fixed angle you’d need to look at what people want more, out the back or underneath.

I haven’t kept up with Diebybms since it’s confusing to me and I have no idea at what stage It ‘s at . Looking like their gearing to produce some maybe ?

And I have no idea. unfortunately my “talents” lie in software and I don’t know a single shit about hardware. I sometimes have to reread theese thread multiple times to understand what’s being said. With all the googling searching I’ve done I should’ve used bing and got 5 years with of Xbox live membership…

a good clean antispark

We’re leaving the realm of cheap with surf-rodz.


Edited my post for that reason.

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I have some of those garstly carbon fiber ones that go underneath that I got on ebay. I want some out the back for more battery space not sure if others agree. I’ll order some TB trucks and 3d print some mockups from PC or Ultem.

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For that reason and that it works better than underneath on drop through decks. It would be nice if the mounts were slightly larger than 63mm motors so small cracks are less likely to hit them, and when you lean the board against a wall the weight of the board isn’t on them either.

Lighting options are always welcome. Shredlights suck honestly for the money. I’m currently using the standard throwaway rechargeable bike lights that use the rubber o-rings to wrap around the truck/wherever. I modified them with some pads of hot glue so they don’t vibrate…they work and they weren’t $75 and they last just as long as shredlights…but there has to be a better way…the plate would be so easy to design and we could standardize around an already widely available cheap light size option


Alien drive systems sell 80mm motors. If it is a really heavy board you are after you could just buy a fiik

15T 15mm steel motor pulleys with 3mm keyway and 8mm bore. They’re surprisingly hard to find. It’s always “not steel” or “not 15mm” or “no keyway”

Same with 13T or 17T versions.

See all my comments in the other thread, we still don’t have quality pulleys. We have lots of pulleys, but no high-quality ones.

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