What do you do when need go up a curb on your esk8?

what do you do when you need go up a big curb and your on your esk? stop and pick up the board…drive over the thing or do an Ollie lol

Same thing I do in a car or on a motorcycle. I look for the smoothest path.


Exactly what @psychotiller said.

Exactly what @psycotiller said with the added thing – sometimes I’ll go around a whole block just to roll up onto the curb rather than get off the board and hop up. It’s ridiculous

Use some freebord bindings and jump up @okp style


That’s what I do. It’s really difficult to ride my boards that don’t have bindings now that I’m so used to them.

I’m not great at hopping curbs yet but I’m getting there

If I wasn’t afraid of damaging something I’d try to ollie up :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though I just follow paths and look for the smooth ways up.

ya that’s what I’m thinking hard landing ollieing it with bindings be hard on all the electrics and the batterys…

My e-sk8 doesn’t have a kicktail, soooo…


In Los Angeles I try to stay on the road the most of the time but when it’s necessary I will go on the streets ,my old wheels 90mm The flywheels clones 80a we’re a big pain going through them because I would feel it so hard on my legs but with my 97mm abec 75a duro I berly feel it I slow down and pass thru it sometimes the yellow things have a gap in between them like in the corners u can skim thru most of the times for me