What do you guys have for sale for $1000?

With a total budget of $1000, can anyone out there build me a custom board? What kind of specs could I see in it?

Thank you

you can ask @psychotiller. get in contact with him directly as He can build a custom complete around your budget. :smile:

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There’s also @longhairedboy

I don’t think he does customs anymore though according to his site as well

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a bit of diy will go a long way for keeping the price down and without a compromise in performance

I liked the first draft of that hummie :frowning:

you like duct tape!? ive had a duct tape and glue board holding it all together from day one…but moving up soon. for 1000 you can get lipos and a balance discharger and some vescs and youre killing it at that point already.

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Had a board where I ran out of duct tape after one wrap around my board. Wrapped the rest with electrical tape and blue tape. I support it.


ok i have to say lipo and tape dont go well together for longevity. a disaster. but…a bit of fiberglass or carbon and resin on top of those cells and maybe better than a fancy bolt on box. youre really sinking lower than me even it sounds. but maybe in performance you probably rock!!

i can see johnny waiting in the wings i think ready to remind me!!!


Try gaffer tape. I have a roll at home and at work, and a bunch on my board :slight_smile: Helps me get home when little bits fall off.

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Is this an actual proposition or are you just curious to see if we want to do an “iron chef” of skateboard building and get ideas?

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You’re better off buying a really nice diy used board

Honestly, I’d like to just buy someones custom board they made if one is for sale, or someone board. $1000 budget

I have a deck I could sell you. I do custom boards. This is my board I built.image


I have spare electronics I can put together for $1k. If you want a good deck and enclosure, you’d have to pay extra for that.

besides $1,000 USD what else are you looking for? what kind of terrain do you ride in? How fast do you ride comfortably? what kind of range and how much do you weight?

when you say custom? what are you referring to really? a paint job? just DIY or a DIY with your requirements?

FLIPSKY AntiSpark Switch $17.50

Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Module $9.90

Dual FSESC4.20 100A with Anodized Aluminum Heatsink $159.00 Order note Subtotal $186.40 Or Chinese generic esc kit (ownboard,diyeboards,meepo) $75.00 includes remote and esc

Torqueboards or someone on the forums :wink: Battery 12s2p or 10s3p $300 to $380

Board = $100 to 150 (source: buildkitboards, redember boards, other)

Enclosure =$30 to $100 (source: eboosted Peru, psychotiller, torqueboards, bigben, others)

All in one boards (built-in enclosure) Predator boards $(not sure if they sell boards alone now?)

@NAF Hype beast board $200 + shipping (carbon fiber deck)

Pulseboards CF (carbon fiber deck) $200 + shipping

Motor kits Decent Chinese hubs or belt kits with rear and front setup $150 to $200 (diyeboards.com)

U.s. kits Full kits will cost $500 to 800 depending on wheels (urethane vs all terrain)

So heres the dealeo, 1k is possible, but you are going to be limited I think to non allterrain unless you buy a Chinese diyeboards AT kit.

Also battery size is going to be limited because, well batteries are expensive to have them premade.

I may have missed some of the vendors on here but overall you can see most VESC builds with reputable vendor parts will always cost over 1k and even most boards sold here will be over 1k unless it’s a single belt and smaller battery pack.

I think the lowest awesome board I saw was a raptor 1 and that thing was priced like $1200 I think… @Mikenopolis weren’t you selling that one?

Hopefully you find what you need. :slight_smile:


What I sold was a CarvOn V4 built in a Raptor 1 deck for just $1000 battery was on the older side so about 10 mile range. No escs though so roughly $1,200 to get it running


carbon and wood deck on here 110 flipsky group buy 6.6 vescs (2) 230 lipo 12s 8ah hobbyking flightmax 2s packs 200 mini trigger remote 40 50v adjustable power supply 50 balance discharger 20

paris v2 trucks, abec11 centrax wheels, hummie hub motors, and tires. 500

liquid polyurethane, epoxy and carbon fiber for covering batteries and gluing everything down 50

arguably the best board you’ll make for 1100$

but you could surely do a pulley setup and make it even cheaper. shouldnt be hard to get the parts all for under 1000$ and would take minimum soldering and time to get it onto the deck


Hummie hubs are top tier in the category of hub motors

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