What do you guys think about cheap motors

Hey guys first I wanted to order these motors from gb (https://www.gearbest.com/motor/pp_009408166400.html?wid=1433363) now I found 170kv motors on ebay but they are really cheap do you guys think these motors are good? They even are sensored ;D (https://www.ebay.de/itm/273441460893?ViewItem=&item=273441460893)

This ebay motors have 16AWG phase wires only …

I personally have the eBay motor. I haven’t used it yet as I haven’t got all my component yet. Getting close :slight_smile: @rich is correct it only has 16awg wire :frowning_face: @Jasonkimberson has them and has found the epoxy is weak

So overall I wouldn’t recommend it. Hoping it won’t self-destruct on me.

yeah I think so, too. Maybe I pay 100 more and dont have to buy 2times :smiley:

i wouldnt trust motors or esc from ebay. im even a bit leery of my deck i had gotten off there.

Bought cheap motors, now I need to throw them away…besides the epoxy being weak, the wires are really thin.

I now ordered some janux motors, they cost me a total of 288


hey thanks for this. i didnt know about their site and saw some cool new shit!

6364s 10mm axel for 70ish euro sound sooo much better than that

just get a sk3 they are pretty cheap and solid