What do you guys think? Custom enclosure

Learned how to make enclosures last week and have been playing with the thought of maybe selling some… here is only 2 designs so far that I’ve done… put one on my board already…


these actually look very good for first time enclosures. Good job


Hey that looks awesome! Are you vacuum forming them?

The stars are a nice touch.

Thanks a lot! You should see my kitchen lol

Thanks! Yeah, using ABS plastic right now

Yeah I know some people like stars so I figured I’d try it out… have some other designs I’m going to do as well

That’s awesome, what’s the maximum length enclosure you could mould?

I may have a job for you :wink: lol

I can make as long as needed… depending on the project… just might have to make a new frame and heater box but thats not hard… with this current setup 24inches by 9inches

Very nice for a first time job. I doubt u would have a hard time selling some stuff!

Awesome, yeah, I just re-did my form box to try something different and ran out of weather seal so I tried it with out that on the star one and the wood on wood was loosing air, so ran out and bought some and re-did it and it came out great! Thanks!

Potential for custom orders if the images were fairly basic?

Not that advanced yet… I’m basically just using 1/8 inch already cut wood craft shapes… but if I put my mind to it, might be able to go crazy… I could probably invest in a 3d printer and make the designs with that

I like it. How about making some sectioned flex enclosures.

Thanks! What do you mean by sectioned flex enclosures? Do you mean like for just the battery and just the enclosure? Like what boosted/meepo uses?

If you do start making enclosures let me know, i might have an order. :wink:

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Yeah I’m going to start doing it… I’m going to be using 3/16" ABS instead of 1/8 inch… feels a lot sturdier… I’m about to post it up now

Skunk, what kind of image did you have in mind?