What do you think about it?! / Ebike Ideas

Hey Guys, I know it’s Off-Tobic but I don’t find a Category like that… Hmmm Ok never mind, if I am really wrong please delet it :slight_smile:

Did someone of you had also the idea to build sth like that…

Because I think it would be really cool with an 6374… And the VESC. At maybe 6-10s Do you think it would be possible to do?

-what about the kv for the friction drive…? -and gearing/transmission…

Do you think I would get any other problems? -Amps eg.


Would be happy if someone also did it and want to share your mind. Or pics or sth :slight_smile:


A typical outrunner, I’m pretty sure including the one u mention, only has bearings supporting the rotor on one side. People have done friction drives like that on boards and I guess bikes but maybe find a motor with bearings that support on both sides. Actually I think that might be the rare motor that does have support on both sides


thats a commuter booster. they use 6374s and cheap boat esc i think.

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Ok, thank you guys :wink:
And thanks for the word I am maybe looking to find more. (Commutator drive…)

I have a VESC and don’t know what to build.
A Ebike or an electric longboard hmmm…


What about using a hub motor for this?

Jeah I already find out that a hub would be 100% better :smiley:
But can the VESC control a Hub or do I need a China black box?

Seems like a complication w a skate hub motor and the bracket that would have to be made. Maybe get a rea bike hub motor and I’d be done

Jeah i mean the VESC and a real Hub Bike Motor.

Heres the lates from your grandpa crowd.


Actually it makes for a very stealthy build and a great little booster for an avid biker. I have all the big motors. These little Hooby King outrunnes are cool. 63mm 260kv