What do you think about the Miles Phantom?

Miles Phantom Link It’s kind of exactly what I wanted to build for my first build. So I thought maybe I should just buy it as my first board. However, I’ve read a lot of strong negative opinions mostly by people who haven’t ridden it, but dislike the hobby wing remote, and that it allegedly has a Samsung 50e 12s2p battery.

The people who have ridden it all seem to love it, but they also all seem to not be particularly experienced riders.

The complaints can be summarized as it’s just a cheap overpriced board (it’s ~$1k). But when I calculated the cost to do my own similar build with better parts, it came out to significantly more.

TorqueBoards DD motors/trucks/wheels: $700

518 Whr 12S4P Samsung Q30: $450

TB ESC: $135

Remote: $65

Loaded Tesseract deck (for example): $200

Enclosure: ~$50

Total: $1600 plus many, many hours and probably a bunch of other stuff, and many more hours.

What do you brilliant, experienced people think?

Miles Phantom yay/nay?
  • Good first board to buy and modify with better parts as they wear out?
  • Waste of money and better off going with something like the build you described above, or something I’m about to suggest in the l comments?

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post link…

or pic

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Gonna add it above too.

Rumor has it that eLofty is the manufacturer.

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I still ride my exway flex then went to verreal RS because I wanted more from a board… but I’m building a board for the same reason 1k price quite a few options… building is a process

For 1600 I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Build a small rocket or efoil. Definitely e foil.

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I almost bought one second hand. Then, I KNEW I would want a better board, so I thought, buy it, and build mine, then sell. GLAD I didnt. It has a regular old ESC. That battery will die early. And have limited range. It has airless wheels. The brakes and throttle are FIXED.

My build is far better.

Soon after you buy, you willl start your own build. Like all the rest of us freaks. Most here have multiple boards. It will cost less, to do it ONCE. And as far as I know, have a far smoother brake and throttle. Go twice as far. OR more. AND, you will know EXACTLY how to fix it, not wait for the factory to repair.

For about 1600, I have 6374s, great pneumies, flex board and enclosure, fiberglass, powerful vesc, vx2 remote, just the deck I wanted, it is far faster, far longer, far smoother, top notch everything.


Oh wow! You can build an e foil for $1600!? :flushed: That’s incredible! I’d do that in a heartbeat! Will you build me an Uncle Elroy Efoil? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is the right takeaway from your comment that buying off the shelf parts from torqueboards is a bad idea (read: expensive)?

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@skatebored, did you almost buy a Phantom second hand, or just a second hand e skate? I ask because your build looks AWESOME, but NOTHING like the Phantom.

No I don’t think tb parts are a bad idea. Any parts are shit if installed incorrectly.

I could make an efoil for 1600. I wouldn’t be able to make one for someone else for that price. 1600 is materials. My labor for my personal toys is non-existent. Lol

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I’d build one of them gun case efoils. Gives a whole new meaning to duck hunting on Lake McConaughey.


Not so much a new meaning, definitely a new advantage.

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That’s still amazing! Would you be willing to share a parts list? Or one you know of that someone else has made? I’ve been reading a ton on efoil.builders since you presented the idea! :sweat_smile:

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I’m just gonna whoosh myself right now. :sweat_smile:

They are bad ass and take so little to run. I’ve only ridden on one behind a boat. An air chair and I fucking hated it. I can ride anything standing up being strapped in a chair in water fuck that. Crashes hurt like hell. Parts list don’t have one but easily found as you’ve noticed. The biggest expense is the foil itself I believe. I’d make my board and battery.

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Don’t pre-order electric vehicles. Buy them if they’re in stock.

I can’t vote because the poll didn’t have an “other” option. I agree with neither statement

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The website hasn’t been updated, but it’s no longer a pre-order. They’re shipping now. They already shipped out hundreds. The lead time is still a couple weeks, but they’re essentially in stock.

Are you the guy on facebook that I just lectured? What Brian said though. Correct.

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No go If you’re crafty, you can find half of your wishlist secondhand/groupbuy. And you just can’t compare apples to oranges. look for the “miles” parts at cost vs price of complete


I still wouldn’t buy it if the site says preorder. If it’s in stock and it’s not a shady operation, then they can say so. Otherwise it’s all red flags and shadiness.


Haha, I don’t know, my name is Chema on facebook… :grin: