What do you think abut this parts for my

hi people, what do you thing about this parts?

motor: http://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/alien-5065-fr-sensored-outrunner-brushless-motor-270kv-2000w/

FTV 120A ESC http://www.banggood.com/FVT-CBWI120A-ESC-Brushless-Speed-Controller-For-110-and-18Series-RC-Cars-p-985970.html

x2 5200mah battery 11.1 25C (6S i think?) http://mistertao.com/beta/pages/item/520711463085.html

i weight 60 kg (133lbs)

you got a sensored motor there but i’m pretty sure that ESC can’t do anything with the sensors. I have a pair of those in my rat board though, they’re pretty solid ESCs, but they don’t do sensored motors as far as i know. Unless i missed something.

I don’t know about the 120a, but I know the 180a FTV is. I’m looking at the sensor port on one right now.

I think they do have the sensor port… so is it useless then?

It’s not useless it works I used them for a while sensored. But I don’t recommend it

Did you experience lower speed / problems maintaining it?

I think I heard somewhere that sensored is good for better startup… but for the higher speed it starts to get troublesome…

So what was your experience?

I’ll be damned. i always thought that was for the bec or accessory power or flashing firmware or something. My bad.

one question, when I reach all parts just have to plug everything in and it should work right? or you must configure the ESC or something?

From what I read - order usb link also… it’'s also available on banggood.com…

You can find pc software for it… through software you will be able to adjust motor timing, acceleration brakes and other options

If you dont want usb link (software programming), you can also get the program card… although that is more expensive… but might be better to adjust everything on the field… and not visit pc everythime you decide to modify something in the settings.

I would also recommend you to look for what connectors you will need… as they may differ (for example battery connector and esc connector). There should be some threads on this one, i think.

but i can use it without modify nothing?

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If these settings suit you…

Although, I think a lot of people have said on this forum and elsewhere, that the acceleration should be low, not high… So it would be higly advised, to get the programmer too… it costs 9 dollars… afterall all (unless you want to push the set button multiple times and try to translate what the blinking lights are saying to you…) … Im not even sure it is reliable / easy to make any changes this way (by pressing set button and checking what light turns on)… but who knows…

  • consider that fvt 120 it is going to be quite loud / audible from what I’ve heard:

Very strong start up. So strong the esc couldn’t handle the amps. It just fucks with them. The sensors are meant for rc cars on those esc’s

Low top speed

Instead of the esc just twitching under heavy load it tried to move it and that loaded on some crazy amps

Thanks… that informs to stay away from sensored Escs paired with sensored motors… But I believe it is a different story with Vesc and sensored motor… So it should not be universal truth to discard sensored motors, since someone is using them afterall, if they are produced for this size motors…

I think that partly answers this question:

If you do use this motor, then dont run it in sensored mode with fvt 120…

No I didn’t mean to steer you away from sensors. They’re great! I think they’re the future of eskate. Just not with the FVT

Yeah, I got the point… :slight_smile:

thanks for comment guys :slight_smile: When i receive all parts i create a post with all project (and with all doubts, I think it will be very many)

Ok I’m not an expert on this but the ESC says it supports 2-6s doesn’t that mean you won’t be able to put 2 6s batteries cause that’s 12s?

2 - 6s 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s.

2 - 6s 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, or 6s.

Oh ok so you want to use one battery at a time. But I still don’t understand why wouldn’t you just use 2 3c batteries in series which would equal to 6c, since it is going to be cheaper that way.