What Do You Think? Hoyt St Puck or Maytech Waterproof for Lacroix

So I have a Lacroix, not very happy with the remote. But here it is, I want to learn what I need to learn to build my own board. I hear the Lacroix is a great board for me to do that with. I can build and or upgrade what I already have. So I did order the new Nano, however, I was going to buy a Hoyt St Puck for future upgrades but I just noticed the Maytech V2 Waterproof remote that looks awesome. So I’m coming to the pros to find out what they think

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I think you should consider the ossr remote

Just Google


And click the third link


Or he could just search it here…

“Osrr remote” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nah rather not

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Ah I see now


Come on guys I’m confused enough.

Guys I’m looking at the page and did go to the link, Way Over My Head. let me say this again, I am Learning.

Looked at the Beta signup, Sorry but it’s way over my head, not only do I Not know how to answer the questions, if they wanted feedback I’d be the wrong guy.

Ok go with the Hoyt puck


I don’t think you can go wrong with the Hoyt puck if you’re after a working remote right now with no wait or bullshit

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Great That’s what I needed to hear if down the line the OSRR final production is something I can figure out, I’ll get it then. Thanks

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Hoyt puck…

i just ordered the maytech r2 style remote and got it for a good price. it’s listed for $259 US but if you email them and ask for a quote they’ll halve that price

You can buy direct from maytech china. Promo at the moment $144

yeah thats what i got it for. haven’t seen another remote that I would prefer, so jumped on that price

I have a Hoyt puck great so far… probably get another one … watching the trampa one coming up soon August they say

I freaking love my waterproof maytech. I rode it in a torrential downstorm yesterday with no issue. I love the 2 separate triggers for throttle and brake. I love the wireless charging (I have an s10+ so I can charge my remote with my phone hehe). It is a solid remote and has taken several spills very well.

At the same point, I know a lot of people who like the Hoyt. The maytech is newer and has less reviews. I can even control the maytech with gloves on.

Can you send me the info, please? I see a few different places to order it from, want to make sure that I go to the right place, thanks.

Email [email protected] and ask for a quote.


I’d recommend getting it without the charging pad. You can find a cheap one anywhere and save a few bucks.