What do you think of my longboard?

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Looks pretty sweet, what are the specs on that thing?

Nice! Did you make the mount/pullies yourself? Specs would be cool too.

What deck is that?

Gravity DropCarve Maple 41 Maki

Yes, I drawed a bracket in SolidWorks

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I used only 17.76% of power because it’s madness Maximum power 5000W Energy recovery during braking Two inverters controlled by microprocessor (VESC Plate design by Benjamin Vedder) Two brushless three-phase motors Range depends on many factors 8 - 10 km but I have a pack of batteries in the backpack for change

Nice! Top speed?

Is that sensored motors? Looks very smooth in the start :slight_smile: Beast board!

Top speed: 35km/h but powerful torque

No it is not sensored motors.

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Awesome, kv of the motor and voltage of the pack?